Vortex distal radius plate

VORTEX Plate-system – advantages overview


• Polyaxial angle-stabilized (AS) locking system which allows surgeons +- 15 degree (step-free) devation from the anatomically preset direction (30 degree freedom of motion for fixing fracture fragments)


• Innovation-award-winning plate-system consisting of over 30 plates with which the entire body can be operated on using only 3 screw diamaters


• As a result of having to use only 3 screw diamters surgeones can work with straightforward, easy-to-use insrtument sets which contain identical tools that can be used the same way in each Vortex instrument set 


• Soft tissue protection ensured by rounded contours and blunt headed screws


• Minimal invasive surgical technique supported


VDR (Vortex Distal Radius plate) - advantages overview


This plate is the first member of the new polyaxial plate family - Vortex - of Sanatmetal for the treatment of different distal radius fractures.


Main characteristics and advantages:

- anatomically pre-bent Titanium plates in right-left types

- minimal invasive insertion possibility

- rounded outer contour for the sake of soft tissue irritation minimalization

- self-cutting but blunt ended screws in wide variety, with torx head

- polyaxial screws – if necessary ±15° deviation from the ideal insertion angle (30° movement area)

- instrument set is suitable for neutral screw direction determination and also for the range within the 30 degrees angle