SpectruM Humerus

The SpectruM implant and instrument system aims the reduction of the image intensifier usage time during operation as much as possible. The special surgical technique and the unique instrumentation were developed based on statistical data analysis. The result is the achieving of the above aim. In this way the time of operation and the radiation of the operators can be reduced significantly.


Main characteristics and advantages:

- rigid and flexible nails – antegrade and retrograde insertion possibility

- short nail with 45° oblique distal locking hole for proximal humeral fractures

- for better bone - implant fixation

- rotatable colour coded proximal targeting arm for assembly-free targeting of the locking hole.

- mechanical distal targeting to reduce the radiation

- antegrade and retrograde technique can be managed with the same set



SpectruM Humerus nail - proximal

length: 140, 160 mm, diameter: 8, 9 mm

SpectruM Humerus nail - rigid 

length: 180-300 mm (15 mm steps), diameter: 6.5, 7, 8 mm

SpectruM Humerus nail - flexible

length: 180-300 mm (15 mm steps), diameter: 6.5, 7, 8 mm