Pannon family

The Pannon hip prosthesis family is a so-called „Müller-type” system which is internationally recognized by having been implanted more than one million pieces. The Pannon primary and revision prosthesis stems manufactured by Sanatmetal are available in cemented, cementless versions.


Main characteristics and advantages:

- double wedge shape, from forging

- 12/14 mm Eurocone

- most favourable raw materials (strength, abrasion, fatigue)

- cementless stem – Titanium raw material – for  metal-sensitive patients

- cemented stem – from high Nitrogen content REX steel raw material

- normal and lateralized

- the system is suitable for minimal invasive surgical technique

- heads in wide size range, metal and ceramics

- trauma cases – fast solution with bipolar head

- the same instrument set for cemented and cementless versions