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Flex-TLT – strong, flexible, load-bearing
The Flex-TLT, patented also in the USA, is prominently safe, has the flexibility of PEEK rod systems and several further benefits. The flexibility of the element fibres allows a higher strength than the PEEK rod systems, while allowing micro-movement for healing. Strong, flexible and load-bearing, as well as the supporting parts of Golden Gate, which function with similar principle.
The success of the operation is supported by modern instruments, the color-coded polyaxial screws and also the low-profile heads. We have more than 4000 surgeries’ experience and a decade of follow-up. Its specialty is not proven better than the purchasing offer of one of the biggest spine companies!
The first publication:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0MT2mD3h9rFNmF6NWtYMFh3UHc/edit
Hit product of the year: Emerald!
The Emerald cage also complies with the latest requirements of thoracolumbal spine surgery, where OLIF (Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion) technique is increasingly coming to the front, with exploration through the abdominal cavity from the crossing direction shortening significantly the post-operative recovery. The specialty of Emerald is that it can be used for L5-S1 indication, too. Regarding the raw-material, it is made of PEEK, which can be seen under the X-ray. It has a large grafting cavity and its size range is so wide that it is easy to maintain anatomical conditions for the entire patient group.
The number of successful Emerald surgeries is increasing. Are you joining?

Stand-alone cervical cage, the CFF
The CFF cervical cage can be used as stand-alone cage or fixed by PEEK / titanium screws, and the cage-screw connection is protected by a patent. The PEEK cage, which can be seen under the X-ray, provides a large space for auto or allograft. We have hundreds of surgeries experience with follow-up.
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