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Multi-cooperation News | 2017. 10. 17.

Dear Partner!
We are packaging the machines in Eger, which will leave to Obninsk (into the new Sanatmetal manufacturer factory, 100 km from Moskow) in a few days.
Our technology transfer mixes the experiences of 3 multinational corporations (including a joint venture-periods of DePuy-Sanatmetal) and the 50 years - experience of the parent company.
We needed to fit to several requirements of 3 world-wide corporations at the same time, like transport correctness, transit time, financial stability and requirement of the 100% product-quality.
We successfully proved our competency on occasions of customer-audits and on the monthly estimator reports too.
The production of the orthopaedic and traumatologic products are based on a technology and material selection satisfied by all the 3 multis.
Sanatmetal could mix it’s own innovation and technology with the multiculture of the production.
We learn and evolve continually and bacome more and more international, which is proved by the new russian manufacture too.
Best regards,

Emese Farkas
Marketing Director


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