First surgeries - Albania and Slovenia

Dear Partner!


Sanatmetal Ltd. as the market leader of manufacturing and distributing orthopaedic and traumatologic equipment in Hungary, every year has become more and more partner in the international market as well.
On behalf of the orthopaedic division of the company we are pleased to annonce you two new and succesful cooperations.
Our company has entered the market this year in Albania and Slovenia and in the last couple of months, several succesful operations have been carried out in both of these countries with the products of Sanatmetal Ltd.
Below we would like to share with you some of these.



The first operations were performed using the cementless press-fit acetabular system of Sanatmetal called ConeTact in February, in the fourth largest hospital of Slovenia, Novo Mesto Hospital. The surgeries were managed by the chief of orthopaedic department, Dr. Gregor Kavcic. He has expressed his full satisfaction with the system and has offered his expertise in further development of Sanatmetal's total hip system as well.



Nearly a month ago, in the Albanian capital Tirana succesful surgeries were performed at „Spitali Universitar i Traumes” with the cemented bipolar prosthesis system of Sanatmetal Ltd. The two surgeons, Dr. Viktor Marku and Dr. Erion Qatu were also very satisfied with Pannon cemented hip prosthesis stem and with the bipolar head.
For beginning of May surgeries of Sanatmetal's cementless hip system is planned at the same hospital.


Our purpose is to achieve similar success in the future and we intend to inform you about it!


Kind regards,

Marianna Forgó-Vida
Director of orthopaedic division


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